Thoughts in My Head

I have been using Dialog designed by @mikedoffm for about a week now on my Google Pixel 2 and I am very happy with it. The timeline, mention and discovery are easy to switch between. Although it took me a moment to find where the favorites now that I found where they are it makes sense. I like using the Dark Theme. I especially like the fact that you can easily see if there is a conversation going on.

I do have a wish list for Dialog’s future. The first, of course, is the ability to post, which I know is coming in the future. The second is the ability to reply not just to individuals in a conversation, but to the whole conversation. I suspect that will come with the overall ability to post. Also, I would like the ability to search for individuals. Finally, I would like the ability to increase the size of the font. Overall though, I think Dialog is a great app and I would recommend it to anyone on who has an Android phone.

I upgraded my Mac mini to High Sierra and now it is randomly logging me out. I use my mini mainly as a media server, so I don’t see it happening, but when I go to use it I have to log back in. I checked under the Security Tab in Systems Preferences and the logout is after x amount of minutes is not checked. I wish I could figure out what is causing it so that I could fix it.

Ok I think my generation 1 Amazon Echo has finally died. Now I need to decide if I want to purchase another one. I already have a Google Home and a Google Home Mini, but I do like some of the skills that the Echo has. I am going to see how things go without it for awhile and then decided.

#porterhousesteak at #texasroadhouse.

Note to self before trying to participate in the Virtual Homebrew Website Club, learn how Mumble works and have a working mic. Because then when people ask you a question you are not shouting in mid air to no one. Although I did enjoy listening to it. @jeremycherfas

Currently watching PBS’s Great American Read and it reminds me I have a lot of books to read before I die. So I need to live a long time. And no I haven’t voted yet. I can’t decide, it is too hard.

Does anyone know of a good article on how Mastodon works. I joined it, but I am a bit confused on how to use it. TIA

My new glasses #Wilkies from #warbyparker

In the never ending attempt to get organized I went thru my boxes of cables and connections. Where you look at a cable and you say I have no idea what you are for, but you could be important (even though you haven’t been touched in two years) so I must keep you. I did get rid of a bunch of coaxial, RCA cables and USB cables.

Does anyone remember having one of these. I found it this morning with a mini disc with a recording of the 25th anniversary of Soul Train and songs from the Body and Soul CD

As someone who is discovering or should I say rediscovering the Indieweb I often find myself feeling like a stranger in a strange land. Where people are speaking a language where the words are familiar, but the meanings are not. I find myself doing something because it is what you do, without understanding why. I just went through that process with h-cards. I installed one on my About page on my account without being clear on why I was doing it. It took until the end of the process when I finally understood what h-cards are for. What helped me was to think about my website as a piece of land on the internet and the h-card as a signpost, which can be read by both humans and machines, saying this land is mine, this is who I am and how you can contact me. Please let me know if my definition of h-cards is wrong. I realize it is a my first dictionary type definition but that is where I am on my journey on the indieweb.

Side dishes at the Seoul Garden Restaurant. #seoulgardenrestaurant #sidedishes, #banchan, #kimchi, #cucumber, #sprouts, #seaweed

While searching my computer for videos I found some old VH1 videos from the 90’s good time

Chris Was this something you needed to do or were you just curious about if you could do it. Also my original question was what color socks are you wearing and do the match?

Testing to see if this works

Looking for a Bluetooth keyboard for an iPad pro. Other than the Apple Smart Keyboard any other suggestions?

This is a test

The conversation started by @vishae about podcasts started me thinking about podcast that I was subscribed to because: Because someone recommend them, because I was once interested in the subject, but no longer am. I decided to go through my podcast subscriptions and get rid of the *because* subscriptions. In doing this I cleared out all the productivity podcasts I had been subscribed to. When I subscribed to these podcast I was interested in learning about how to be more productivity. But now I I feel they are repeating things I already heard or they are trying to sell me something. Are you subscribed to *because* podcast?

Yesterday I thought I saw a #bluebird in a tree at #eaglemarshnaturepreserve. It was to far to take a picture so I drew it

Currently reading Grant by Ron Chernov.📚